Building Information Modeling System (BIM)

Hulett has long believed in having the right tools for the job, including technology solutions. One system we utilize for superior accuracy and industry collaboration is BIM. BIM, Building Information Modeling System, is a collaborative process that allows industry professionals to work together to create 3D models, allowing accuracy and efficiency in all aspects of the project. All trades involved in the project, including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, mechanical piping, and construction, are incorporated into the 3D environment first, before any physical structure is built. The use of BIM helps reduce change orders, promote a safe environment, and increase efficiency, resulting in reduced project costs.


Trimble Robotic Total Station

In conjunction with the BIM System, Hulett uses Trimble Robotic Total Station technology to create collaborative models for superior accuracy. The Robotic Total Station is a laser-guided locating tool to establish placement points for hangers, ductwork, and wall penetrations. This technology allows for more cost-effective and efficient operations by providing automated measurements.

Trimble 3D Laser Scanner

Hulett utilizes the Trimble Scanner to create an accurate model of the project location. This technology allows us to work with architects during project conception. For example, Hulett uses the Trimble Scanner to create a 3D model of an existing structure for renovation.


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