Custom Industrial Services and Mechanical Piping

At Hulett Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer a variety of custom industrial, mechanical, and process piping services. Hulett entered the industrial maintenance field in the mid-1940’s with the goal of providing unparalleled service to clients. We offer custom industrial services that are tailored to our clients’ needs. Hulett’s skilled tradesmen have extensive experience in the area of mechanical and process piping as well. We use our expertise to solve day-to-day problems and provide our clients with excellent, long-term results. Have a need for custom industrial services, mechanical, or process piping? Give us a call to set up a consultation today!

Unmatched Millwright and Custom Industrial Services


At Hulett Heating and Air Conditioning Company, we employ highly skilled craftsmen and tradesmen who have industrial expertise. In addition to new equipment installation, our millwright services include general mechanical repair and equipment removal and storage. We also provide drivetrain installation, troubleshooting, and repair. In short, custom fabrication is problem solving. Our millwright services complement our extensive list of capabilities, yielding high quality, long lasting results for our clients. With Hulett, you can count on receiving top notch service and expert results.

If your project does not require total management, Hulett can provide construction and maintenance support. These services include estimating costs, planning construction and procuring and maintaining equipment. Other services include reviewing drawings, verifying construction performance and providing specialized equipment moving and storage.


Contact Hulett Heating and Air Conditioning for Custom Industrial Projects

Hulett Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in the areas of installation, repair, and custom modifications of industrial machinery and industrial piping. We proudly serve Mid-Missouri and surrounding areas, and are ready to collaborate on your next project. Our specialists are happy to walk you through our services and processes, and answer any questions you may have. Please don't hesitate to contact us.