To provide our customers the maximum flexibility in custom design and fabrication, Hulett offers a broad spectrum of quality equipment and the experienced personnel to operate the equipment in the Hulett Fabrication facility.

Coil Line

  Hulett’s four-station coil line has TDF and S-Drive capabilities and can produce custom rectangular ductwork. Coil line operators can cut-to-length any size of galvanized materials our customers require.
Plasma Table

Keeping up with the latest technology, Hulett provides customers with the benefits of the ESAB cutting table. With this computer-driven machine we can download your DXF files, then utilize your drawings to cut the design. This plasma cutter is capable of producing both simple and complex shapes, from our day to day ductwork operation to the custom figures shown above. The ESAB table is capable of cutting a variety of materials and thicknesses, from 26-gauge to 3/4-inch plate.

Shears and Brakes

Precision and accuracy are of vital importance for fabrication. Hulett’s array of both light and heavy capacity shears and brakes ensures the clean, distortion-free parts our customers require. Depending on your custom fabrication needs, our equipment can accommodate 3/8-inch plate through 26-gauge in any metal, including aluminum, stainless, galvanized, black iron, copper, painted or exotic metals. No job is too big or too small. From the 100-ton iron worker to the precision clinch lock, Hulett has the specialized equipment to service your job. You won’t find better state-of-the-art equipment or more skilled craftsmen anywhere in Mid-Missouri.



Hulett’s headquarters is located at 400 Big Bear Boulevard in Columbia, Missouri. This main building includes office space and a fabrication facility totalling 13,000-square-feet. Hulett also owns and operates an off-site, 8,000-square-foot storage and staging building, as well as a 9,000-square-foot alternate fabrication and maintenance building.


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