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Hulett entered the industrial maintenance field in the mid-1940’s with the goal of providing unparalleled service to clients. As a division of Hulett Heating and Air Conditioning, we have developed a foundation of master fabricators and installers that is well respected in the industrial maintenance arena.

Industrial Division

Hulett’s Industrial division works with each customer to maintain productivity while additions, changes or repairs are occurring. Our designers, estimators and custom fabricators can help you solve the problems that you face in your day-to-day operations. Standard industrial services include certified welding, machining, custom fabrication, equipment rebuilding and preventive maintenance to assist our clients’ operations staff.

We offer our clients equipment moving and relocation services, industrial HVAC solutions for make-up air and emissions control, line safety audits and project management. Let us assist you in the planning phases of your project with our many management tools to ensure the job will be well coordinated and safely executed to meet your expectations.

Construction and Maintenance Support

If your project does not require total management, Hulett can provide construction and maintenance support. These services include estimating costs, planning construction and procuring and maintaining equipment. Other services include reviewing your shop drawings, verifying construction performance and providing specialized equipment moving and storage.

PHOTO: Bulk material delivery system and equipment access mezzanine.



Project Management

Hulett can coordinate your project from start through completion. As we all know, proper planning is the key for the success of any project. Hulett has systems in place to aid in project execution for every client. For larger projects, we develop detailed schedules using Gantt Charts and scopes of work, to organize the work flow of our skilled craftsmen and sub-contractors. The use of Gantt Charts allows us to effectively communicate the current status of the project, project costs and risks to our clients. Hulett’s years of experience in the construction industry can assist you in construction and job site documentation, as well as compliance with local regulatory agencies.

PHOTO: Rigging and equipment moving services in progress.



Maintenance Outage Support

Working with plant leadership, we can install, repair, remove or replace equipment according to your holiday and annual maintenance schedule. We’ll work with you to organize these services, while monitoring and maintaining cost controls and safety protocols.

The following series of photos show the installation process for this degreaser tank built for a galvanizing line at A.B. Chance Company in Centralia, Missouri.

1. Degreaser tank for galvanizing line. Built and ready to be installed.

2. Polypropylene containment liner. Fabricated and welded in place using plastic extrusion welding.

3. Hulett personnel rigging the degreaser tank into the containment liner.

4. Degreaser tank installed in the polypropylene containment liner.

5. Completed installation at AB Chance Company, Centralia, MO.

Make-up Air and Emissions Control

For many years, major institutional and industrial manufacturers have relied on Hulett as a source for solving make-up air and emission control problems. Hulett can properly size and install complete make-up air systems that are tailored to your application. We also provide services to control the emissions from your facility. From collection systems used to mediate dust and particulate from work environments, to industrial scrubbers controlling the chemical odor and particulate emissions from your facilities, Hulett offers many innovative solutions.

PHOTO: MAC dust collection system. Installed and connected to various locations throughout the plant.



Packaging Services

Hulett can provide you with line audits, safety audits, project concept development and complete system design services. We also offer GMP equipment specifications and procurement, as well as strategies for line efficiency improvement.

PHOTO: Stahl gate system.



Millwright Services

In addition to new equipment installation, our millwright services include general mechanical repair and equipment removal or storage. We also provide drive train installation, troubleshooting and repair.

PHOTO: Sanitary product delivery conveyor with belt take-up mechanism.



Hulett’s Design-Build-Install Process

Upon meeting with our customers, we learn the specific needs of their project so that we can support their efforts with our full range of services. From design assistance, fabrication of the product, documentation during the build process and final installation, we provide as much or as little assistance as needed.

PHOTO: Hulett was commissioned to design, build and install a custom stainless steel steam jacket to enhance the customer’s bagging system. Hulett provided the recommended piping schematic to aid the customer’s maintenance staff in the piping installation.





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